Hello everyone,

Welcome to my new and improved holistic self-care blog.  This category section of the blog centers around anything that is not perfume. As an asthmatic chemically sensitive injured canary, I’ve been painfully exposed to a plethora toxic soup that in 20 years is a cumulative 15,000 toxic petrochemicals from fragrance and scented products.

This is no exaggeration and anyone who reads this and suffers from the mcs – multiple chemical sensitivity illness – will understand and agree.  It pains me that I even have to put this blog together, but sadly, in the 21st Century, while there is a growing renaissance of alternative, holistic, organic free thinkers, there is still much work that still needs to be done.

The name says it all. Perfume and fragrance are in everything – shampoo, moisturizer, body splash, hairspray, soap, etc. You don’t have to spray it or dab it on your wrist to be exposed to harmful toxic petrochemicals and smell like a perfume factory.  It’s not a question of if, but when you or someone you know will be impacted by the issue of petrochemicals in fragrance and personal care products. This is the sad truth about toxic petrochemical fragrance exposure.

The 21st Century provides tremendous convenience, but much of this so-called “convenience” is in the form of toxic petrochemicals disguised as beauty products and air fresheners or as we refer to them as “air poisoners” that were designed to make you feel and look good. We the population are virtual canaries in a coal mine. Like a “canary in a coal mine,” those who are labeled “sensitive” are the first ones to notice these toxic poisons’ presence.

The beauty of this blog is that while I will be sharing important information about how to avoid toxic fragrance products and why, I will be focused on providing natural healthy solutions to help you feel good and stay well.  The bottom line, the primary focus is to contribute to the solution, not the problem.  This is the bottom line.  Follow the money trail.

The reason why commercial detergent, deodorizers, “air poisoners,” are sold like hot cakes is because they mask the odor instead of cleaning the air.  All the mass produced fragrance products you find in the supermarket, pharmacy, and fragrance stores sell like hot cakes is because the fragrance and big oil industry spend an obscene amount of money – millions, maybe even billions of dollars – to fool people and make them think that these products are beneficial and healthy and safe.

Every week, sometimes everyday, depending on how I am feeling, I will post ideas to help you green your life and product links that I personally use and recommend.  Please stay tuned and visit often.  Thank you for your interest and for caring about the air we breathe.

Peace Love Blessings Gratitude,