I wrote a special important book that teaches men and women from all walks of life how to enjoy organic nontoxic green beauty and it’s all from a holistic approach. The focus is to help people improve their health and vote with their wallet and reduce their carbon footprint. This is not my actual sales page. This blogpost is a reachout, a plea, a call to action to help me help people and help my son.  You can read my sales page here:  Organic Beauty Book

I’m doing my best on my own with managing my blog where I share wonderful holistic self-care beauty tips and I promote my book here and I promote it on social media – fb, twitter, etc., but my hands are full with my delayed near 4yo toddler and I’m doing my best to get on the journey to healing wellness and recovery from the painful candida I’m enduring, I very much need help from other green, organic minded, aware people who believe in my mission. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to pay anyone, but I’m more than happy to share the royalties and sales with anyone who falls in love with this book and believes in and supports my mission. You see, my beautiful adorable son is developmentally delayed in communication and my dear husband and I intuitively believe that it was caused by exposure to high levels of overpowering, toxic, poisonous, synthetic, adulterated fragrance products and it screwed up his wiring.  A lot of the toxic exposure was from the psychotic evil hospital where I labored and gave birth to him and it’s a Miracle that I was able to give birth to my son even though I could barely breathe with all the overpowering horrendous toxic perfume in the air, suffocating my lungs. That alone makes my beautiful adorable son a Miracle baby. <3 <3 <3 We are in the process of raising funds so that he can be seen by a local naturopath holistic doc to help him. My son is very healthy and strong and he’s thriving, it’s just that he needs help in some communication areas.

It is my desire for this book to reach a very wide global readership and help people from all walks of life and it is especially important to me that parents, teachers, and other professionals who work with special needs and children who don’t have special needs to understand how toxic fragrance products are a serious culprit and a big cause of the terrible autism problem. More and more people are waking up to the fact that fragrance causes painful health problems and health hazards and they are voting with their wallets and are making the healthy switch to green safe organic personal care and cosmetics. I am very receptive to all helpful ideas, all I ask is that you be gentle and kind and patient with me and remember that I’m a writer, not a tech nerd. I’m writing on a Mac computer, I’m not using a phone. I’m a very old fashioned 70’s kid. ???? I have a wonderful wordpress blog, but I am working with very basic tools.  Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts and ideas, thank you for listening. <3 You can send me an Email and you can follow me on social media by following me via the social media buttons and click to follow on the righthand side of my blog.  Peace Love Gratitude Blessings