It’s not easy for me to ask this, but my family is struggling financially and we need some help and my dear beautiful son, Michelangelo, “Mikey,” has special needs and is on the spectrum. He has special needs and needs help.  My son is adorable and beautiful and because our state insurance Oregon Health Plan is dysfunctional and stupid, we are not able to have him seen by a holistic health practitioner who can diagnose him and treat him with holistic healing treatments and provide an environment free of harmful scented products that contain neurotoxins.  If you are unaware of what I am referring to, please go to  My dear husband and I are heart broken and it pains us deeply that we are caught between a rock and a hard place and we urgently need help.  Please read our GoFundMe campaign to read our painful story and donate to our cause.    Thank you for your kindness.