I’ve been a writer storyteller most of my life and I decided to pursue it as a serious career as a young adult.  I write about everything that I care about that is important to me, holistic natural living and folk medicine, caring love for our fur babies, and healthy holistic Motherhood self-care. I also love to write holistic environmental awareness fiction with a mystical sparkle to it.  My love for nature is very profound because nature heals all my painful grief.  My love for animals is also very profound.  I am the biggest animal lover I know. I’m a very happy thankful cat Mommy of 2 adorable, sweet, beautiful, cuddly cats and I’m very thankful to have shared a life of joy with them for 15 years.  Sadly, these days, I’m lucky if I find a little time here and there to write because my plate is very full with caring for my special needs son who is on the autism spectrum. I love him very much and it’s very sad that he stresses me out and wears me out, but thankfully, my holistic self-care goes a long way to help me feel better and keep me grounded.

I meditate and do yoga everyday and I eat very healthy, delicious, organic, gluten-free, vegan food everyday, my wonderful homemade cooking. I also enjoy watching comedy everyday and laughter is truly the best medicine.  Cuddles with my 2 kittycat fur babies are wonderful and always help me feel better and thankfully, my son and I enjoy lots of laughter, cuddles, and sweet fun moments.  I write to clear my head, express my thoughts, feelings, ideas. When I feel inspired to write beautiful mystical nature poetry or another chapter in my young adult romance environmental adventure novel,



I feel very thankful that despite all my stress, I can still enjoy special sweet moments to write some beautiful scenes and colorful characters. I feel good just writing this blogpost.  Writing is very healing and therapeutic and I love it as much as I love delicious, healthy, vegan cooking.  I hope and pray that my writing will inspire my readers to enjoy the same holistic healing self-care that I do and will inspire you, the reader, to get lost in my holistic mystical natural living fantasy writing.  I have some catch-up writing to do on my current young adult eco romance adventure novel and I will share an update very soon about its progress.  I’m also working on finishing my adorable cat Mommy book that many children will enjoy reading.  Many cat lovers and animal lovers will enjoy it very much.  Please remember to enter my groovy cool giveaway to be 1 of 10 lucky winners and you just may win copies of all 3 of my holistic feel good ebooks – organic beauty, delicious vegan cookbook, and mystical nature poetry and art. Please see my sticky blogpost to read about it and enter.  Enjoy and lots of love, Dayna