This week has been very stressful for me with my special needs son, but thankfully, my creative writing craft is flourishing and flowing and I was able to write a beautiful scene in a fairy tale full of sparkly magical wonder.  I’ve been a writer all my life and my love for being a storyteller has been renewed.  I read some beautiful inspiring tweets on twitter shared this week by very talented fantasy writers.  I felt a sparkly shiver in my Soul and I felt very happy and alive.  I’m still writing occasional thoughts about the importance of breathing clean air and showing compassionate respect for Mother Earth, but my true love and joy is fantasy fiction writing.  I found myself painting a beautiful picture with my poetic words and I love the main character.  I’m not yet at liberty to share much and I will when the time is right, but the scenes are magical and colorful.  Anyone who feels the desire to nurture their inner child and play and enjoy reading with the feeling of being Peter Pan will fall in love with this magical fantasy.  I’m very grateful for my creative beautiful gift of writing and it feels wonderful for my Soul to express myself this way.   Mystical writing comes from the Soul and the inspiration is unlimited.  I feel very grateful for the inspiration that surrounds me.  I live in Northwest Oregon and I love the beautiful lush emerald green grass and trees and rainbow and pastel flowers.  The starry night sky is far away from the city and is wonderful and healing. I’m sure I will write many beautiful mystical poems and fantasy stories while enjoying the magical healing beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  I look forward to sharing more of my mystical creative craft with you, the reader.  Thank you for being part of my creative journey.

Much Love, Blessings, Gratitude,
Dayna 🙂