I love to deeply connect with Mother Earth in all her beautiful, magical, healing love. I’ve been a nature lover all my life and my favorite thing in life is to enjoy a nice silent nature walk, enjoying cleansing gentle breaths, allowing the warm sun to caress my skin, and feeling her beautiful gentle breezes all around me.  I feel at my best and most calm and centered when I’m playing in nature.  Whether I’m swimming in her beautiful waters, enjoying a beautiful hike, admiring her beautiful flowers, or planting a beautiful organic herb garden, my sweet special moments spent enjoying her majestic beauty are my favorite moments and heal all that ails me. Add some gentle sea gulls cries and whale and dolphin cries and I’m laughing like a child and not caring about anything except the beautiful moment.  When I soak up the warm sun and let my bare feet touch the moist grass or sand or mud, I feel Mother Earth’s sacred beauty and strength and I feel very grateful for her beautiful gifts of healing love.

I shared a lot about Earth Day and how much it means to me, but truly Earth Day is indeed everyday and I Honor and celebrate her beauty everyday.  When I do organic, nontoxic, earth friendly laundry, I am grateful to have a very small carbon footprint.  When I enjoy eating delicious, healthy, organic, vegan food, I feel very grateful I can show her tremendous respect and grace.  When I enjoy her feel good, organic, healing herbs for cooking, I feel very grateful for all her beautiful, healthy, abundant herbs she provides for our feel good self-care.  I could easily fill an entire book with my gratitude for Mother Earth, but that book will come very soon.

I would like to extend a loving gentle challenge to you, the reader.  Imagine what all the terrible toxic petrochemical poisons are doing to the planet, including the air you breathe and the water you drink, and do yourself and the planet a big favor.  For one entire month, take all the toxic artificial things you use to do your laundry, clean your home, beautify your face, and use as gardening fertilizer and replace all of it with safe, natural, earth friendly products that are safe enough to swallow, if you did so by accident, and smell natural and pleasant and don’t require extra safety handling precautions.  I challenge you to see how much easier and simpler your life will be when you see that you can do all the things you do everyday and save money and feel good, but most important, feel healthy, and show gentle kindness for the planet.  It’s very simple.  All it takes is making the healthy conscious choice to do it and you’ll be amazed how much better you will feel and you will achieve much better results.  This is the choice that all earth stewards make when we realize that we can empower ourselves and we can do the right thing.  You can decide how your money is spent and you can ensure a healthy future for your children and your grandchildren.  “The power truly is yours.” quoted from Captain Planet