When was the last time you took a few moments to pause and observe silence? When was the last time you appreciated and respected the subtle sounds of Mother Nature and made the effort to quiet your cell phone and other mobile gadgets to really appreciate Mother Nature’s wondrous sounds? This blogpost is dedicated to all those special beautiful people out there who enjoy peace and quiet and prefer and appreciate the subtle natural sounds of life, including singing birds, crickets, and hummingbirds. In a world where escaping loud noise is becoming virtually impossible, it’s very refreshing to know that there are natural wild places in the USA where you can enjoy many special moments of peace and quiet



One such beautiful place is Olympic National Park, USA. They dedicated Earth Day as a day of complete silence. The staff and visitors observe various forms of noise pollution that intrude upon their quiet enjoyment, such as aircraft, and make an effort to write notes to each other instead of talking out loud to each other. They’ve made this rule of silence a rule and they’re striving to extend this to other days in the week. Let’s work together and restore the beautiful wonderful sounds of silence.