I’d like to announce my Holistic Herbalist Self-Care Newsletter. Every month, I publish a special issue dedicated to a special event, holiday, or season that is profound and important to Honor and celebrate the earth. June’s issue is about how to enjoy simple, fun, healthy summer activities that are earth friendly and July will be about enjoying our independence while honoring the sacred beauty of earth. I will include delicious, healthy, organic, vegan recipes, gift goodies, product affiliates, announcements about my writing and special discounts.  I will also include surprise giveaways.  I invite guest contributors who write in the genre about holistic living and please submit only organic vegan recipes. Raw vegan is fine. I welcome product affiliates that are of the same nature and genre. Also, I’d love to do a link trade and support cross promote each other win/win. If you resonate and are interested and feel you are a good fit, please contact me via email:  permadeva at yahoo dot com and social media – Twitter, Facebook thank you. I look forward to hearing from you soon and working together in a symbiotic way to support each other, humanity, and the earth.


Much Peace Love Blessings, Gratitude