For me, freedom means being able to think for myself and make healthy wise choices for my health and my life and enjoy activities that bring me joy. When I listen to and trust my Intuition Inner Voice, I feel empowered. I know that everything my Intuition guides me to do is going to give me complete freedom. When I eat healthy, organic, vegan food, I feel free and alive. When I treat my health challenges with herbs and holistic self-care, my feel good health is very freeing and I know I’m taking charge of my self-care. The most important lifestyle choice I make everyday is to stop and breathe and meditate and not speed through the red lights in life. I feel very thankful and proud that I have the willpower and strength to honor my body with tender loving care and abstain from consuming things that are harmful.

I’m often asked how I am able to be age 47 and not look or sound it. It’s very simple. You will be surprised at the simplicity and ease of my healthy self-care approach. I treat my body like a temple with tender loving self-care and I baby myself. If something feels good and healthy, I do it. If it feels bad, I abstain. It’s as simple as that. The freedom to not have a toxic dependence on stimulants and things that are harmful and addictive is something I honor and celebrate everyday. I’m a 47–year-old disabled Mother of a special needs toddler son and it’s my healthy, wise, self-care choices that keep me healthy and strong. To be clear, I’m expressing this with loving humility.  Mother Nature is my teacher, inspiration, and healer. Her healing herbs and foods keep me healthy and alive, and I feel great when I consume healthy loving foods, herbs, and drinks. I’m often asked how I stick with my conviction and make the commitment to my self-care. It’s very simple. I associate pain with being unhealthy and feeling bad. The better I feel, the more energy I have and the more inspired I feel and the more at ease I feel in my life as a Mother. The truth is anyone can enjoy this feel good feeling I enjoy with holistic self-care. What can you do today to honor your holistic, feel good, self-care?