Hello, I’m a holistic, organic, vegan, self-care, self-love mystical, heartfelt, author.  I’m an animal lover and I inspire readers all over the globe with my poignant writing to make healthy lifestyle self-care choices. I made the conscious choice to go vegan 25 years ago for the animals, the planet, humanity, and of course my own personal health self-care. I made the conscious choice to go holistic organic 25 years ago to take responsibility for my health and self-care and feel better. I believe wholeheartedly in body mind spirit grassroots self-care, treating my body like a temple with tender loving care. I married both lifestyle choices because I believe it’s all connected and they go together. I have tremendous love, compassion, and respect for the planet, the animals, humanity, and myself as a woman, human being, and soul. I feel it’s very important to make choices that contribute to the solution and help the whole planet. I do my best to keep my carbon footprint very small and I believe in voting with my wallet. If you have a similar message and you resonate with my mission to help the planet and humanity, I would love to collaborate. I would love to be interviewed for a blog post, podcast, radio show, youtube channel to help me share my message with your audience. The more lives I can lovingly touch and inspire, the better. I would gladly help in any way I can. Please follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook author page. Be sure to subscribe to my Holistic Herbalist Organic Self-Care Newsletter for wonderful helpful tips. I’m writing a very special issue for Back to School and Summer and I will be including some wonderful delicious goodies and gifts, giveaways, and recipes. You will find information about how to subscribe on the bottom right hand side of this blog.










The following photos are delicious organic vegan gluten-free dishes I’ve made and are recipes in my delicious vegan cookbook and my 2 cat fur babies, Marble, the dark gray Tabby, and Cali, the orange and black Calico.

Much Peace Love Blessings Gratitude. Dayna