Dear Readers,
Welcome to my beautiful blog.  Life has been hectic for me as a busy writer and Mommy of a special needs toddler, but thankfully my holistic, organic, vegan, self-care self-love keeps me sane and on an even keel.  Thankfully I rediscovered art therapy and I have always enjoyed it, especially rainbows. I love drawing rainbows. I’m nurturing my inner child and it helps a lot and my son smiles and loves watching me draw. I pray he will want to draw very soon, but for now I’m happy to share my creativity spark with him.  I’m working on a few new special wonderful writing projects and two of them are for children.  Both will inspire children and parents and the beautiful mystical stories will entertain and educate.  For the moment, I want to give back to the community, specifically to parents whose children are now back to school.  I’m doing a giveaway that will begin this week and continue until the first week of November.   I encourage everyone to enter, especially hard working parents who need healthy tips for organic beauty and delicious, healthy, gluten-free, vegan recipes to help you cook for your family with ease and less stress and make everyone happy.  My two ebooks – organic beauty and delicious, organic, vegan, gluten-free cookbook –

I’m very thankful for my wonderful connections I’ve made on Twitter since I first joined, five years ago, and I am very thankful for everything I’ve learned about social media, especially as a hard working holistic vegan author.  A few days ago, I was thinking back to when I had been on Twitter for a year and I felt sad that I had to work hard to reach 500 followers and I laughed and smiled realizing that I’ve now surpassed 6000 followers, woo hoo! Yay! This is so wonderful and I feel so thankful and excited about this accomplishment.  I’m celebrating with an awesome Gleam giveaway.  This blogpost you are reading describes the giveaway and the rules are explained on the gleam website in order to enter.  Three lucky winners will receive copies of both ebooks. To learn more about the giveaway and enter, please scroll down to the bottom of this post.

I wrote two life-changing books that have the potential to touch and help many people from many walks of life.  My first book, Keep Your Vanity Without Losing Your Sanity, teaches men and women how to enjoy organic, natural, nontoxic beauty completely free of toxic petrochemicals and how to vote with your wallet and keep your carbon footprint very small.  My second book, Tasty Herbal Vegan Kitchen, contains more than 100 delicious, simple, easy to make, organic vegan recipes that are kid friendly and wonderful stress-reducing comfort foods. Since I’ve been gluten-free for nearly a year and I know many families are gluten-free, I’m in the process of revising my cookbook to be gluten-free and the three lucky winners will receive the new revised copy before it’s published.

Both books are being sold on Amazon Kindle for $9.99 and Amazon Createspace in paperback, the vegan cookbook for $12.38 and the organic beauty book for $21.38.  Both books are very special to me and I worked very hard to write and compile them and I’m giving one copy each to 3 lucky winners in this Gleam giveaway.  I stress very strongly that you need to read the rules very carefully and follow them to the letter so that you will qualify and make your entries count.

Here is an excerpt from this book that I’m showcasing all over my social media platforms.

Here is an excerpt from a chapter from my organic beauty ebook…
“There’s no reason that you can’t have fun in a non-toxic earth friendly manner. Pure organic plant essences are safer for the environment and the recycled packaging they come in can either be reused or recycled. The cheap inexpensive little makeup applicators you find in the bargain stores are better off ignored.”

Here is a delicious organic vegan recipe from my cookbook…
These delicious gluten free  vegan chocolate chip cookies are amazing!  My family loves these, including my fussy special needs toddler son.

Yum Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
1 C naturally organic sweetened vegan chocolate chips
2 1/2 C rice flour
1 tsp. xanthan gum
1 tbsp. potato starch
1 tbsp. tapioca starch
1 1/2 C vanilla flavored organically sweetened coconut milk or almond milk or your choice
1/2 C filtered water
1/2 C organic brown sugar
1 C melted Earth Balance
1/2 tsp. sea salt
1 tsp. organic vanilla
Instructions:  1 of the many things I love about this recipe is it’s very easy and simple to make.  I’ve been cooking delicious vegan meals for 20 years, but I have very little experience with baking cookies, but lately I’ve had so much practice baking cookies because my 2 cookie monsters – my dear husband and our adorable beautiful munchkin toddler son – love my cookies and I can’t seem to bake enough.  They are devoured and enjoyed in a week days! 😀 LOL I enjoy them too but wow, they eat them up fast!  The recipe is simple.  First, I pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  You can either pour all the dry ingredients into a large bowl and all the wet ingredients into another separate bowl or you can pour them into the same bowl.  I discovered that both methods work, but you can do what works for you.  Stir the dry ingredients a bit and then pour in and mix the wet and dry together thoroughly.  I use a wonderful mixer with 2 spin blades and it’s very effective.  It makes it much easier.  It’s very helpful.  I mix on high and then as I move the blades through the batter, I pause to let the blades spin and allow the batter to move around so the mixer doesn’t burn out.  I repeat this process 3 or 4 times until the batter is nice and smooth and blended very well.  I then gently spoon several lumps on to my cookie sheets, spaced 2 – 3 inches apart, and get ready to put them in the oven.
I leave the temperature at 400 to save time, but you can keep yours at 375 or 350 or even 400, if you prefer.  Everyone’s oven is different and everyone’s preference is different.  I happily discovered that gluten free cookies take less time to bake than gluten cookies, thank goodness.  I baked ours tonight and it finished baking in less than 30 minutes, wonderful! 🙂  When the cookies turn light brown and begin to sizzle, I know they are done and you will, too.  When they finished baking, I took them out and let them cool on the stove.  It’s weird because at first, they were soft and chewy and then they aired out and turned into rocks, omg! LOL but it’s ok, don’t lose hope, just warm them in the microwave for 1 minute or in the oven or toaster oven for 5 minutes and they will be warm and nice and chewy.  One thing I discovered is if you monitor the baking very closely and time it well and you check them with a fork while they are moderately chewy but not doughy, they will come out just right.  These delicious cookies are a wonderful treat and you can enjoy them any time, especially when you need a nice comfort treat.  It’s 1 of the few snacks my fussy toddler loves.  Enjoy!
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