This week, the seasons changed in NW Oregon and my family went from wearing light clothes to warm clothes and eating comforting warm food. We also endured some powerful thunderstorms, so, we had to unplug our computers and unplug from social media for a little while. At first, it’s frustrating when we have to do that, but I enjoy the things I do for my holistic healing self-care and I enjoy being a superhero caregiver Mama for my special needs son. Ayurveda has been an important special part of my holistic healing self-care for 25 years and I incorporate into my daily life. My husband, our son, and I are all Vata Dosha body types and we are all very sensitive, so, my focus is always on comforting things that help us feel good and healthy. Today, I made a delicious, healthy, organic, vegan rice, tofu, vegetable dish and delicious, organic, vegan, gluten-free cinnamon toast.

Now, I’m at my computer doing my other favorite holistic healing self-care activity – writing. I’ve been a writer all my life and I enjoy every minute of it. For years, my focus was writing about issues that I fight for as a passionate activist. Writing about the benefits of holistic herbal folk medicine and sustainable organic living is wonderful, but I’m very sensitive and empathic and I began to feel exhausted and filled with grief. I’m a hard working Mama, which is stressful on its own, so, I decided to balance my focus and write about what I enjoy reading that inspires me and makes me feel good.

I am in love with faeries and angels and all mystical Elemental realms.   I’ve been fascinated with the magical world since childhood and I decided to follow my heart and Intuition and write from a children’s perspective. I’m an adult, but I have the heart and spirit of a creative child and I love writing about magical mystical realms. I recently enjoyed some quiet Mama time and I wrote close to 20 pages of beautiful magical scenes filled with faeries and other realms and I had so much fun and got lost with my own writing. I love painting beautiful magical scenes and I felt so inspired, I couldn’t stop writing. I still love to write for adults, but my love for writing childlike magic is much stronger and I’m nurturing that joy everyday. To be honest, if I could, I’d write for free.   I love to write and I truly have to write. Just like a painter must paint and a songwriter must write beautiful lyrics, I must write. That being said, I will now finish writing this blog post and I will write another page or two in my wonderful children’s magical fairy story. I will keep you posted and tweet updates.

Peace Love Gratitude Blessings Enjoy,