Kindness is the most important gift a person can give and share with another person and an animal furry friend. As a holistic organic vegan, I believe that kindness begins on the dinner plate and the choices we make with our self-care and our families. The more conscious and mindful our lifestyle choices, the kinder we are to ourselves and Mother Earth. Kindness is one of the greatest most important virtues we need to practice with ourselves and each other. Often, all it takes is giving someone a hug and showing them you care and just listen. They may not even need advice or support, just a kind caring friend who understands and is there to offer a shoulder. I speak from personal experience because I’m going through a very painful difficult time in my life right now as a disabled, painfully environmentally ill, chemically sensitive, special needs Mama, superhero, caregiver of a special needs child. I’m also painfully grieving for my dear sweet beloved Mother who passed 4 years ago and the grief grips me and I sob for hours unable to stop and while I often need my quiet alone time, I also need a kind caring friend to talk with and listen to me. My dear, sweet, adorable, beautiful, beloved cats are my best friends and I love them with all my   and they are the sweetest, most caring, loving, affectionate, giving beings with whom I’m blessed to share my life. They remind me to feel blessed and thankful and be kind to myself and to others. My religion is simply peace love kindness.