I feel the need to express a very important thought. I’m very grateful to connect with many wonderful friends on social media, especially because I’m disabled. As painful as it is, it’s my only lifeline to the outside world. I love chatting with friends who love me and care about me and appreciate my passions, loves, and interests, and I love sharing things that connect us and make us very close friends. However, I don’t like the in fighting, ego, judgment, harsh cruel words that are said and expressed, and then the most ridiculous impulsive act to unfriend and block. I have blocked only a few people because they turned out to be a troll and harassed me and said very inappropriate things to me and I certainly don’t need the toxic negative energy. Thankfully, I haven’t been blocked or unfriended by anyone in months and I’m very grateful. But the way people treat each other on social media; it makes me wonder if you would actually treat each other that way in real life face to face or on the phone. It’s called bullying and ego attack and it’s ugly.




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This is why I’m very sensitive and cautious and selective about whom I add and connect with as a friend. Life is too short and my plate is very full these days with my special needs child and daily life difficulties. I admit it, I have an ego also and I don’t like it one bit. I know it’s there for survival.¬†¬† But sadly, it shows up when I do not want it. It’s part of my being human, but I pause and breathe and meditate and listen to my Inner Voice Intuition, which is always 100% spot on correct and I know what I need to do. My Inner Voice guides and protects me 24/7 and has saved my life countless times and still does; that loving strong inner whisper I hear before I say or do anything. Do you listen to yours and can you hear it? Do you understand the difference between your Inner Voice and ego? Instead of being impulsive and acting out of fear or anger, try pausing to breathe and come from peace and love…you just might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.