I feel inspired to write this because I’m going through some very difficult painful inner struggles as a writer, a Mama, a human being, and a woman. Like all human beings, I struggle with focusing on positive things vs. negative things. The hardest part of this is finding balance with being a loving role model for my special needs son and coping with daily life and the complicated world at the same time. I recently learned that one of the ways I can do this is by taking many unplugged breaks from social media to take extra TLC self-love self-care of me. When I feel distressed and stressed, I know I’m on overload and I need to slow down and breathe and rest and do what I can to feel better. We Mamas have a lot on our plate, a lot being demanded of us, and we get so caught up in caring for our loved ones, our children, our home, we forget our highest priority; being loving, kind, and caring to ourselves with self-care. I adopted an Eastern approach to self-care 30 years ago when I made meditation and yoga a regular daily ritual. I follow Ayurveda, an ancient 5000- year-old holistic healing modality that focuses on three Dosha body types – Vata, Pitta, Kapha. Vata is the most sensitive Dosha and is slender, easily stressed and aggravated. I am a classic Vata and when I feel out of balance and in distress, I am not myself and I feel off kilter. Pitta is fast and strong and Kapha is thick-skinned and very slow.

When I’m on social media, communicating with friends and potential clients, and I feel that stressful feeling of overload overwhelming me and taxing my nervous system, I sit alone in my chair in silence, cry, read, write, cuddle with my sweet, adorable, loving cats, and I go do something different to feel better. I recently learned two important lessons. Feeling good is very important for my health and well being, including my mental health, and gratitude helps me forget about all my woes and fills me with a feeling of peaceful relaxing calm. When I am of service to my family with love and care, I start to feel better, more centered, and all my negative thoughts are replaced with feel good thoughts. Thankfully, my wonderful loving husband is a veteran of the 12 steps. He recognizes when I’m spiraling emotionally and is able to quickly understand what I’m feeling and helps me find my center, bringing me back down to earth. He reminds me that this too shall pass and that I need to breathe abdominally like a dolphin. A soothing delicious hot cup of herbal Vata tea helps a lot, in addition to Vata aromatherapy essential oils.  I am very grateful for my daily holistic, healing, self-care rituals and the wonderful feelings they give me.