For my dear friends who can appreciate and enjoy wearing artistic, beautiful, colorful, handmade jewelry or have friends who do, I’d like to share my groovy earth-friendly Holistic Earth Gems Etsy shop. You’ll find vintage costume beaded earrings, semi-precious beaded earrings, and pieces made from glass and recycled up-cycled computer circuit board and straws. They make beautiful Christmas, Yule, and Hanukah gifts and other great Holiday gifts; whatever you Honor and Celebrate. You’ll be supporting a hard working, disabled, indie artist with her artistic, crafty, handmade jewelry business.  I love the beautiful, creative, artistic work I do.  It brings me great joy when I hear how much my clients love wearing my handmade creations.  Please check out my Etsy shop:  and treat yourself and a loved one and dear friend to a beautiful, artistic, handmade gift.  Sadly, at the moment, I’m on hold to make more beautiful creations until I have the funds to buy more supplies.







It would help me a lot to find a seller in the Continental USA who is a non-smoker and organic green and uses all organic earth friendly detergents and personal care self-care products who sells affordable semi-precious and glass beads.  I am severely painfully environmentally ill, chemically sensitive, asthmatic and my health cannot afford to be exposed to any toxic lung irritants, neurotoxins, and petrochemical residue from artificially scented products.  I am just fine with anyone who uses pure organic essential oils as long as they are doTerra, Young Living, NOW, Aura Cacia, and Rocky Mountain.  Examples of earth friendly personal care products are Earth Mama Angel Baby, Dr. Bronner’s, Jason, Aveda, and Planet.  I would love to make more beautiful jewelry and I would love to hear from someone who is happy to support my indie artist business and cares about their health, my health, my clients’ health, the planet, and the animals.  Please contact me via social media and email with your helpful supportive information. Thank you.










Much Love Gratitude,