One afternoon many years ago, I was having a terrible day and I sat on the back porch sobbing, feeling lonely, and I felt like giving up on humanity. I paused for a moment because I heard an interesting lovely sound and I couldn’t figure out what it was or where it was coming from and I looked around and I didn’t’ see anything. I kept crying and the sound got louder, a high pitch buzzing sound, and I looked up again, wondering what it was, and I stopped, feeling humbly in awe, when a beautiful little hummingbird with vibrant cobalt blue, green, magenta on its body and bright brilliant cobalt blue eyes looked directly at me. I froze and stayed silent, feeling very curious and mystified. It flew around in circles and did huge acrobatic loop spins and chirped and buzzed and stopped in mid-air and flew so close to me, we now had a foot of distance between us. We stared at each other in silence and the entire world ceased to exist. All that existed and mattered was the two of us and I gently touched my heart, feeling so blessed and honored to be graced by this beautiful graceful little being’s presence in my life. It remained in mid-air for several minutes and then I heard in my clairaudient ears in a gentle wise whisper, “it’s ok, dear sweet child, little one, no need to feel bad and alone, you are Divinely protected, safe, and loved. Breathe and calm. I am your friend and I love you and I am always here for you.   You can think the thought silently and call out to me with your heart and Soul Spirit when you need me and I will be here for you.” I breathed deep, smiled, felt calm, centered, and grounded, and laughed, feeling so very much in grateful humble awe and I knew in my heart and Soul Spirit that I had been visited by my Divine Magick Mystical animal totem and I knew I’d be visited by him or her again very soon.





The most beautiful element of this Divine Mystical Magick encounter is that the memory alone comforts me when I feel bad and alone and I smile and feel safe. I’ve seen many beautiful hummingbirds in my life and I always feel tremendous gratitude for their Divine Mystical Magick presence. They are a large reason why I am a dedicated Earth Steward activist because I feel that I have a tremendous responsibility to protect these remarkable little beings and they deserve as much love, kindness, gentle care, and protection as all other beautiful animal beings on Mother Earth.