I always knew the importance of taking care of myself and staying healthy and well, but I never understood the profound importance of it until I became a Mother caregiver for my special needs little boy. Self-care is taking great care of one’s body/mind/Spirit and something as basic as drinking healthy clean spring water with organic apple cider vinegar is profoundly undervalued and often forgotten.  When I stood in the shower a few nights ago and closed my eyes, fully enjoying and savoring my sacred solitude moment, I cried with tears of joy, feeling so much gratitude to have a wonderful shower in my comfortable bathroom with this wonderful roof over my head.  As I bathed in the wonderful healing Earth Mama Angel Baby orange vanilla body wash soap and enjoyed the wonderful healing organic aroma, I touched my hand to my heart feeling so much gratitude for the wonderful blessings in my life.  I enjoy soothing solitude meditation rest sleep time these days and nights and I am now able to truly understand and appreciate the vital importance of holistic wellness self-care.  This is especially because I’m a caregiver for my special needs little boy and wow it is very stressful.  When I was younger, a shower felt like a regular mundane experience. It was enjoyable but I didn’t appreciate it as much as I do today.  The demands that motherhood caregiving puts on a Mother is very intense and all the emotional meltdowns added to the everyday stress can be very taxing and exhausting. This is why when I make a delicious healthy meal, I savor every bite and I feel tremendous gratitude for drinking healthy clean water that sustains me.  My favorite pure organic essential oils and herbal teas are my favorite wonderful holistic, healing, self-care I enjoy everyday.  The same can be said for curling up with a good book and enjoying my sacred silent solitude Mama me time.  I’m very grateful for all the wonderful, holistic, wellness, self-care remedies that sustain me everyday and help me feel wonderful.