Pure, natural, therapeutic-grade essential oils are a very integral part of my holistic healing self-care.  I’ve been using them for 30 years as healing aromatherapy to feel good and stay well and I’m very grateful for the wonderful healing benefits I experience when I use them. Essential oils are the liquids distilled from flowers, tree bark, shrubs, and plant leaves.  They have been used for centuries as healing aromatherapy to treat many physical and mental health needs.    Peppermint, lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, and orange are some of the more popular plants used to distill essential oils for healing aromatherapy.  Every part of the plant is used to distill essential oils and the healing benefits are wonderful.  The more pure, natural, and organic quality the plant is, the more potent and beneficial the essential oil will be for the person using it.  I’ve been a holistic herbalist for 30 years and I enjoy using pure, natural, organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils to feel more relaxed, to keep the indoor air clean in my home, and to feel wonderful overall.  My favorite essential oils are peppermint, orange, patchouli, sandalwood, lemon, and frankincense.  I pour a few drops of the essential oil onto the palms of my hands and rub them together or I distill them in a diffuser and allow the wonderful pure organic aroma to fill the air.  I love the way the aromas transform the energy of the room and create positive healing energy that is inspiring and uplifts my mood.  My favorite holistic healing self-care approach is to pour several drops of sandalwood and orange into my soothing hot bath and allow the healing aromas to soothe my senses and help me forget about all my stressful woes.

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As a holistic wellness advocate and coach, I’d like to share some tips to help you make smart healthy  purchasing choices.  The smart approach to buying essential oils, beauty, and self-care products is to make sure you are buying products that contain 100% organic plant essences.  You can do this by ordering them online via my doTerra website and you will find information for that at the end of this blogpost.  The main reason I fell in love with and use pure organic essential oils is because I have a desire and need to protect my health.   I suffer from painful chemical sensitivity and when I’m exposed to toxic artificial scented products, be it commercial detergent, deodorizers, or personal care products, they trigger painful reactions in me and I feel very sick and suffer from asthma, brain fog, and it takes hours for me to recuperate and feel better and pure organic essential oils help me feel much better.  I highly recommend the same holistic healthy self-care approach that I use to everyone reading this article.  I am learning these days to become a more positive person and focus on healing wellness solutions.  I share this important message for anyone who is not yet aware of the toxics hidden in everyday cosmetics and personal care products that one would buy from mainstream stores and pharmacies; or you are aware and know someone who does and you want to help them understand the truth and make healthy choices.


The most important message in this article is to become an empowered educated consumer and learn to discern between natural and artificial. Become a label reader.  If you recognize an ingredient like peppermint and orange, you know those are natural plants, but it’s equally important to vote with your hard earned money and shop at natural organic shops that sell all natural organic products.  When I say, wear organic or wear nothing, I’m not only referring to organic cotton clothing.  I’m referring to the soaps and moisturizer lotions you put on your skin and in your hair that you are breathing that your skin and hair are absorbing.  It feels wonderful to put organic plant essences on your skin and it feels wonderful to contribute to the solution and protect the air we all breathe.  Let’s all do the right thing and support each other to make healthy choices that affect our personal health, our families’ health, and that of the planet, the wildlife.  It’s very easy to go green and organic and make healthy self-care choices.  I’m happy to support you and guide you and help you make healthy choices.  Please contact me with any questions you have and join my doTerra Wellness Advocate team.  You can contact me via any of my social media sites and you can email me.  Much Love Blessings Gratitude, Dayna




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