I’m very grateful to be a sensitive feminine survivor Mama and in this stressful crazy world, these are my superpowers.  In my near 50 years of age, living on Mother Earth, I’ve learned a lot of life lessons; some very painful, but invaluable.  As a sensitive empath caregiver for my special needs little boy, the most important life lessons I’ve learned are to tune in and listen to my Intuition Inner Voice and trust heed its guidance and honor my feminine natural cycles and rhythms.  As a child, I was taught that my sensitivity was a weakness and to keep it to myself and I’m very deeply grateful that I didn’t listen and instead, today, I honor that essential part of myself.  I call it my superpower because as painful as it can be in everyday life; it’s my antenna signal that warns me of danger and keeps me safe and protected.  Making healthy holistic self-care choices goes a long way to honor my sacred truth and be true to my holistic wellness.  I recently read a quote on fb and Instagram that “what others think, others’ opinions of you are none of your business”. I don’t remember who said that, but it is so very true.  I only care about what I think of me and how I feel physically, emotionally, spiritually are all that matter to me because my health is my top priority.


I express my gratitude for my good health and strong spirit everyday and most important, I’m very deeply grateful to not be dependent on any stimulants, especially artificial. Being clean, healthy, and sober is a superpower I cherish everyday and I express my gratitude and love for myself everyday when I look at my image in the mirror.  Putting my full trust and faith in Mother Nature’s abundant herbal plant medicine realm is the very best gift of healing love I can give to myself and I do it everyday.  Her healing plant medicine realm includes pure organic essential oils, herbs, including cannabis, flower essence tinctures, and clean healthy spring drinking water with organic apple cider vinegar. Natural healing medicine also includes approaches that heal the mind and spirit. My daily meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, laughter, feel good self-nurture pleasure, my deep enjoyment of silent solitude in nature, and my daily deep gratitude and self-love help me lovingly nurture my sacred superpowers.   I would love to teach you and share with you all the sacred holistic self-care wisdom I’ve learned over the years and how it helps me to be the wonder woman Mama caregiver I am today.  Sign up for my free Holistic Herbalism Self-Care Newsletter and you will receive special tips about my sacred, holistic, self-care rituals.  Ask me how to join my doTerra Wellness Advocate Business Builder Team and receive a free gift copy of my holistic, organic, green beauty ebook.  I look forward to hearing from you very soon.


Much Love and Gratitude,