Excerpt #2 from my upcoming children’s magical, fantasy, fairy, storybook, “Amy and Her Fairy Friends”
By Dayna Colvin © Copyright October 2018 All Rights Reserved (Fairy Forest Image Courtesy of Royalty-Free Stock Photo)
… and stay tuned for more… #amwritingfantasy #childrensbook

She felt so much love for all the little critters that lived in the grass and flowers and was humbly reminded that she shared the planet with lots of beautiful wildlife that needed love and protection. She watched closely as a ladybug made its way from blade to blade and eventually wound up playing in a flower. She then watched a grasshopper hop around the grass, looking for food. She was then happily startled when a beautiful bee appeared before her, buzzing in a beautiful dance, looking for pollen. She remained quiet and still so as not to interrupt the bee’s flying dance and she watched with captivated marvel as the bee flew quickly over to the nearest flower to hover and suckle at the pollen.  🐞🦋🐝🐦🐛🐿🌿🌲🌳