I come from peace and love and I need to express my heartfelt loving truth. I feel heartbroken about how big pharma meds are destroying lives, families, and have caused tremendous division in this country and the world. My beloved Mother, may she RIP, overdosed on six anti-depressants six years ago and the grief is so very painful, I can barely talk about it.  I will try to focus and not go on my tirade, though I’m sure anyone will understand if I do.

I trust Mother Nature fully 100% and I know that all her edible, nutritional, herbal, plant medicines help and heal people from all walks of life everyday. Everyday, I hear more people making the herbal switch and are saying, “good riddance to all big pharma meds” and “hello to CBD, cannabis, turmeric, ginger, Mother Nature’s profound, abundant, healing, plant herbal medicine cabinet”.  I write about this in my Natural News articles. You can click on this link: http://naturalnewsblogs.com/author/earthwriter/ to read my holistic self-care articles on my Natural News Blog.  It saddens me to see and hear about vulnerable people feeling they have to succumb to taking big pharma meds for health ailments.

I am very deeply grateful for the healing benefits of herbal and plant self-care remedies and pure, organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils, which help me feel well and feel better when I don’t feel well.

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I invite you to read my articles on my Natural News Blog to read more about my holistic perspective and to see the research I’ve done and see the research health experts have done on this subject.  My focus is peace, love, kindness.  I am happy to connect and be friends with anyone who shares my passion and preference for holistic, herbal, self-care and as long as you are open minded and receptive, I am happy to be friends and connect with you. Thank you for listening. Peace Love