My name is Dayna and I've been a holistic, organic, artist, writer for 30 years. I am a Holistic Wise Mama and an Earth Steward Artist. I love designing and making jewelry that inspires me and helps my clients feel good and lifts their Spirits.

Healing art is a form of holistic self-care and therapy I enjoy. I love to write, cook, paint, and draw, and design and make beautiful beaded jewelry. I love drawing and painting to help myself feel better, especially when I work with beautiful vibrant colors. When I draw and paint, I have the same peaceful wonderful feeling when I'm writing and cooking. I focus on my creative work and more important, I forget about all my woes and grief.  I imagine that all the great talented artists in history did most of their beautiful work for their own self-care to help themselves feel better and then they decided whether or not to sell their artwork. There is something so wonderful and beautiful about taking a red crayon or marker and drawing a rainbow heart or flowers. There are times I wish I could just jump into the painting or drawing and stay there. I have a feeling many people feel this way when painting or drawing something beautiful that makes them feel inspired and good. It's a wonderful opportunity to forget that I am an adult. Creativity and innocent fun is an important part of being a child. We all need to enjoy childlike play and nurture our colorful imaginations. It's very healing for the Soul and keeps us alive. I feel this way when I make a beautiful pair of colorful beaded earrings with malachite and amethyst semi-precious beads.  Getting absorbed in the moment of beautiful artwork is one of the most relaxing meditative activities we can enjoy.  My favorite colors in this order are blue, green, purple. My favorite beautiful art is dolphins, whales, and sea life, trees, grass, and flowers, and fantasy art, like Faeries and Unicorns.

I am an Earth Steward Artist and I have combined all my beautiful, holistic, organic, vegan art into one blog to  inspire my readers and clients to enjoy a healthy green life, and showcase all my holistic organic products – books, handmade jewelry, nature-inspired poetry, tasty vegan recipes – into one blog.  I will post updates and share new thoughts often.  Please take a look around and enjoy and please feel free to post your comments.  I’d love to get to know you and learn more how I can better serve you and in turn, better serve Mother Earth.  All my holistic organic artwork is designed with my love, respect, and compassion for Mother Earth.  It is my intention to inspire my readers and clients to purchase and enjoy my product creations and make a healthy beautiful impact on your world and spread the beauty love out to the world and help others to do the same.

I'm a stay at home, work at home, disabled, special needs Mama and I suffer from painful health challenges that make it so I need to be home and being home with my special needs son is very important to me.  Every week, I will share a new blog post about my love for holistic art.   Once I have my affiliate pages completed, I will share a list of my favorite holistic self-care products for my clients to enjoy holistic organic self-care.  I'm fairly new to wordpress, but thankfully, I'm learning more everyday, so this is a learning process, but an enjoyable one.  I want all my clients to feel at home here and I want you to feel comfortable interacting and sharing your comments and suggestions for wonderful new healing products that may resonate with my blog.   I love connecting with clients via social media and there are various ways to do so throughout my blog.   Please pardon the dust, as I make progress everyday and enjoy your stay.  I look forward to hearing from and connecting with you very soon.

Much Love Gratitude Peace Blessings,
Dayna xo <3


My Recent Work

Order my organic green beauty ebook.

My organic beauty book helps men and women from all walks of life enjoy organic green beauty and inspires them to keep a small carbon footprint and enjoy making healthier choices in their holistic beauty self-care.

You can order my book on my NotPerfume Organic Beauty Blog as a paperless ebook:


Buy My Handmade Beaded Jewelry.

My beautiful beaded jewelry is uplifting with color therapy and the various semi-precious stones I use like amethyst and malachite are very powerful and healing and are very earthy.  I call my Etsy shop, Holistic Earth Gems because I work with color therapy and crystal therapy to help the client feel good and uplifted, and in turn help the client feel connected with Mother Earth.  To learn more about my handmade holistic beaded jewelry, please visit my Etsy shop and treat yourself to a beautiful pair of earrings today.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I’m happy to help my clients with special custom design orders.  Just contact me and let me know what your needs are and we can discuss design ideas and prices.

Tasty Herbal Vegan Kitchen Cookbook

Order my Tasty Herbal Vegan Kitchen Cookbook, filled with more than 100 delicious healthy vegan recipes that are simple and easy to make and are kid friendly.  From soups and salads to Chinese and Italian dishes, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cook, you’ll enjoy making these dishes and you’ll learn to be a happy healthy vegan foodie.  Click on this link to order your copy today!