In this section of my blog, I will be showcasing and blogging about my beautiful unique handmade jewelry.  I will be posting updates about new special pieces I design and make that I’ve added to my Etsy shop and I will be sharing my thoughts about my holistic organic approach to colorful handmade jewelry design.  My jewelry is multi faceted. It’s inspired by Native American tradition and style and I design every piece with color therapy.  I work with all colors of the rainbow for every healing aspect so that the client will feel good and happy and comfortable, and their Spirit will feel uplifted.  Many of my designs work with the chakras and help to heal the Aura energy field.  I’m not a naturopath, but I’ve studied holistic healing medicine for 30 years and the beautiful jewelry designs I make are made with every facet of this in mind.  I will post the picture of the jewelry piece, the description, and the link to my Etsy shop where you can purchase it to enjoy,  If you have any questions or thoughts or ideas you’d like to share, please feel free to contact me here or in my Etsy shop or via social media.  To see all of my handmade jewelry, please click on this link to see my Etsy shop.  My Holistic Earth Gems Etsy Shop

Support My Indie Etsy Artist Handmade Jewelry Shop For Your Holiday Gift Shopping

Support My Indie Etsy Artist Handmade Jewelry Shop For Your Holiday Gift Shopping

For my dear friends who can appreciate and enjoy wearing artistic, beautiful, colorful, handmade jewelry or have friends who do, I’d like to share my groovy earth-friendly Holistic Earth Gems Etsy shop. You’ll find vintage costume beaded earrings, semi-precious beaded earrings, and pieces made from glass and recycled up-cycled computer circuit board and straws. They make beautiful Christmas, Yule, and Hanukah gifts and other great Holiday gifts; whatever you Honor and Celebrate. You’ll be supporting a hard working, disabled, indie artist with her artistic, crafty, handmade jewelry business.  I love the beautiful, creative, artistic work I do.  It brings me great joy when I hear how much my clients love wearing my handmade creations.  Please check out my Etsy shop:  and treat yourself and a loved one and dear friend to a beautiful, artistic, handmade gift.  Sadly, at the moment, I’m on hold to make more beautiful creations until I have the funds to buy more supplies.







It would help me a lot to find a seller in the Continental USA who is a non-smoker and organic green and uses all organic earth friendly detergents and personal care self-care products who sells affordable semi-precious and glass beads.  I am severely painfully environmentally ill, chemically sensitive, asthmatic and my health cannot afford to be exposed to any toxic lung irritants, neurotoxins, and petrochemical residue from artificially scented products.  I am just fine with anyone who uses pure organic essential oils as long as they are doTerra, Young Living, NOW, Aura Cacia, and Rocky Mountain.  Examples of earth friendly personal care products are Earth Mama Angel Baby, Dr. Bronner’s, Jason, Aveda, and Planet.  I would love to make more beautiful jewelry and I would love to hear from someone who is happy to support my indie artist business and cares about their health, my health, my clients’ health, the planet, and the animals.  Please contact me via social media and email with your helpful supportive information. Thank you.










Much Love Gratitude,


Artistic Handmade Gifts

Creativity has been a profound part of my holistic wellness all my life.  I enjoy every moment of my creativity.  I love to cook, write, and make earrings.  I love working with my hands and the more creative I can be, the better.  I have shared many aspects of my creative life that keep me well and balanced, but the one aspect of my creativity I haven’t talked much about is my love of making beaded jewelry.  I opened my Etsy shop about five years ago when I discovered that I can turn a hobby that I did mostly for therapy and relaxation into a nice part time cottage industry business.  I have about 30 pairs in my shop now and each pair is unique and a lovely reflection of my love of nature and the colorful world we live in and enjoy everyday.  At first, I was making earrings using some pretty plastic beads I had bought at a craft store.


Then, I began to learn about semi-precious stones, like malachite, lapis lazuli, and amethyst, and their wonderful magical healing powers, and my focus shifted.  I’m very intuitive and sensitive and when I wear amethyst, one of my favorite healing stones, I can feel its healing earthy grounding energy and I feel protected and relaxed.  I have read that semi-precious stones are alive and can help the earth and people who wear them.  I know in my heart that this is true and this is why I enjoy wearing them and working with them for my holistic wearable art.  I now have more than half a dozen lovely pairs of earrings that contain semi-precious stone beads and I carefully designed each pair to inspire, contribute to healing wellness, and help the wearer feel relaxed and beautiful.


At the moment, I am having a special clearance sale for Spring where I’m clearing out all my plastic beaded earrings and I have significantly reduced the prices.  After I have sold all those earrings, my focus will be on semi-precious, glass, and recycled.  As a holistic earth steward, my preference is to work with materials that are nontoxic, earth friendly, and recyclable and required a minimal carbon footprint to manufacture and produce.  I also have some lovely earrings that are made from recycled computer circuit board.   But those are also a one time creation because my husband and I no longer collect computer circuit boards.  We shifted our focus so when those earrings are all sold, I won’t be making any more.


Something very healing and magical happens when I gather my semi-precious stone beads and design lovely earrings and then I see the finished product.  My first reaction is that they are too lovely to wear and I’d prefer to just hang them on a curtain or lamp shade and admire them.  But, I do have bills to pay and expenses and I need to take care of my family, so, I am doing my best to sell my earrings to take care of our needs.  I am doing the work I love and I would love the money to follow.   I am asking you to find it in your heart that instead of continuing along the same consumerism approach that most people take when shopping for gifts for your family and friends, please think about me, a hard working indie artist, and make a loving contribution to my creative business.  I take great care in the packaging and shipping of all orders and I treat all my clients with kindness, respect, and care.  The more orders I receive, the happier I will be, and the more I will be able to buy more beautiful materials to make more beautiful earrings and necklaces to match. And I can help my adorable beautiful autistic child.


A portion of all sales will be donated to help Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the largest no kill animal sanctuary in the USA, and Natural Resources Defense Counsel, an organization working hard to educate the public about the fragile eco systems and the importance of conservation and protecting our clean air and the wildlife.  I am including a few images in this post of my lovely earrings so you can see samples of my wearable art and you can see some beautiful gift ideas.  I invite you to visit my Etsy shop and browse around and please feel free to send me an email or private convo with any questions you may have.  I appreciate your interest and I look forward to hearing from you very soon.  Please click this link to see my lovely Etsy shop.