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Everybody eats and everybody enjoys delicious food and it’s much easier to enjoy and transition to eating plant based foods when they are healthy, delicious, and simple to make.

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About Tasty Herbal Vegan Kitchen

I titled my cookbook, Tasty Herbal Vegan Kitchen because all my wonderful recipes are very tasty, contain delicious healing herbs, and all the recipes are vegan plant based. It is beautiful in full color and easy to read and follow.

Whether you are an experienced seasoned cook or you are a beginner and just beginning to dabble in cooking, you will enjoy and get much use out of this delicious wonderful vegan cookbook.

My cookbook contains a wonderful variety of recipes ranging from Italian and Chinese to hearty comfort soups to delicious healing salads, sandwiches, and wonderful delicious desserts.

My recipes are all kid friendly and very simple and easy to make.

I am a self-taught foodie artisan. Like most North American children, I was raised on meat and potatoes and I was fortunate to meet some wonderful people at a vegan plant based Thanksgiving potluck at Rancho Park, Los Angeles, CA and my wonderful conversations with them forever changed my life for the better. I want to say that I am an animal lover, but my first focus is my personal health. I learned about how unhealthy it is to eat animal protein and since I loved to eat fruits and vegetables and I wasn’t a big meat eater, it was very easy for me to go “cold turkey” and go vegetarian very quickly.

I’m not going to put much emphasis on how horrible factory farms are and the atrocities. For the vegans and vegetarians reading this who are animal rights activists, you know this already. For the omnivores who care about your health first and foremost, this message of love and compassion is for you. I love animals with all my heart, but I also have tremendous love and respect for the environment and my family’s health. I did not like cooking or eating meat because it made me feel uncomfortable and it was unpleasant to look at it because I didn’t see it as food.

When I learned about cholesterol and diabetes and all the health concerns related to consuming meat and dairy, I just used common sense and I saw family members getting sick and I wanted to prevent illness and protect my health.

I’m not a hippie. I’m not a crunchy granola eating “weirdo” who sits around in front of trees eating twigs all day. I say this tongue and cheek because I know there are people who have this silly weird idea that we vegans live like this, when the truth is to the contrary.

Everybody eats and everybody enjoys delicious food and it’s much easier to enjoy and transition to eating plant based foods when they are healthy, delicious, and simple to make. Because I am a busy hard working Mother homemaker, I don’t have time to spend countless hours in front of the stove making complicated culinary dishes.

That is the beauty of my recipes.

They are easy, gentle, fun to make. I didn’t go to culinary school. I simply fell in love with fruits and vegetables and grains and I love making delicious dishes that help me feel good and keep me healthy, comfortable, and happy. This cookbook is for all walks of life, but stressed hard working Mothers who don’t have a lot of time to cook and want to save money and want to make meals that make their families happy and feel good will especially love this cookbook.

As a vegan of many years, and a lover of fine food, I strongly recommend Dayna Colvin’s Tasty Herbal Vegan Kitchen

Whether you have a hankering for salads, sides sandwiches or soups (& much more!), Dayna has some delicious recipes that are fun and easy to follow.

Buy it today, and eat healthy for yourself AND the planet!
Ed Begley, Jr.

Actor / Environmentalist


I’m a vata dosha. I’m very sensitive and I enjoy eating foods the help me feel grounded, relaxed, nourished, and healthy. You can google “Ayurveda” if you’d like to learn about it. I learned to become the wonderful cook I am today by studying wonderful nutrition books and cookbooks, like Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss and Vegan Nutrition, Pure and Simple by Dr. Michael Klaper, M.D.

I’m a hard working full time Mother of an adorable beautiful son who will be 5 years old in March and he, my dear wonderful husband, and our 2 adorable sweet cats, our fur babies, are the most important people in my life and I do everything I can for myself and my wonderful family. I’m also a hard working holistic organic writer and in between care for my son, I write holistic healing self-care blog posts for and promote my blog, this blog you are reading.

I also design beautiful handmade beaded jewelry made with semi-precious, glass, and recycled beads and other materials. I am also a creative poet. I am a loving caring homemaker Mother and I enjoy every moment of it.

I wrote this cookbook because I love to cook delicious healthy plant based meals. It occurred to me that the best way to inspire and help people and appeal to people to help them transition to eating and enjoying vegan plant based meals is to tempt them with their taste buds.

“The easiest, cheapest, single most powerful thing you can do for your health is to focus on eating plant-based foods. When you remove animal products from your diet, you instantly set yourself up for a healthy, vibrant future. Dayna has over 20 years of experience eating a vegan diet, so we know her food has to be good! And she’s here to share with you some of her tried-and-true favorites.”

Neal Barnard, M.D.

President of PCRM, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

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